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John Nelson is an award-winning author/novelist turned editor who comes up with creative approaches and solutions for literary projects and problems.

Bookworks Literary Services: Manuscript Evaluation, Manuscript Critique, Editing, Ghostwriting, Book Proposals and Screenwriting. click here for more information

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“John’s uncanny ability to take an elusive, creative idea and create a solid direction of coherent storytelling is often incomprehensible to me in its clarity. And after each session with him, the direction was so clear and focused that my channel effortlessly opened and created. It was nothing short of magical.”   Dee Wallace from her book Bright Light: Spiritual Lessons from a Life in Acting, O-Books, Spring 2011

“To my word guru and map maker, John Nelson of Bookworks Ltd: thank you for your brilliant editing, brainstorming, wise counsel, and for those inspirational kicks in the ass when I needed it. You made this book a lot more fun to write."   Dr. Connie Mariano, former head of the White House Medical Unit, from her book White House Doctor, St. Martin’s Press, June 2010

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